Start Empowering Your Life With Real Purpose

"You Are the Expert On You" reveals how you can wake up every day, ready to take on life's challenges with Passion.

Inside You Are the Expert On You, you will learn how:

  • To Design Your Own Path in Life instead of letting others design that path for you.
  • Build the Steps to become More Confident and make decisions that empower you.
  • How to let go of situations in life that are out of your control.

Hello Beautiful!

In case we haven’t met before, I am Stacey Lepitre, the founder and creator of the Beautiful You Coaching App.

Your story isn't over! By increasing your confidence you too can live your Best Life!

The reason I started Beautiful You Coaching is because I want to see you step into who you were created to be. I want to see you walking in freedom! No matter what your life story is.

At the age of 19, I lost my mom to suicide. She battled with her past so much, that it robbed her of the simplest joys in life. She is my inspiration to empower women to Live in Freedom and Purpose!

I don’t want anyone else to feel hopeless because they’re chained to their past! If you feel stuck and unable to break free from the pains of the past, then you are in the right place!